The Documentary Feature-Film


Beyond Sixty Project™ is an documentary feature film initiative about Women over the age of 60.  It is composed of a series of interviews with women from all over the United States who openly share their life experiences and discuss what has led them to where they are today.  Their resiliency throughout their lives and continued relevance in today’s world is forefront.  Their stories are poignant and relatable. The women continue to grow and remain active in work and causes. They are rich in experiences.  The women offer messages to their younger selves and to young women today.  Included in the documentary will be archival footage of the women’s movement and the struggles, sacrifices and accommodations that women have made in pursuing their dreams.  The old saying, “you’ve come a long way baby,” may come to mind as you listen to the stories and become connected to each of these women.



About the Director:

Melissa Davey is a documentary filmmaker who lives in Valley Forge, PA. She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother to three young boys. She is a world traveler and curious about everything unknown. She recently retired after more than two decades from GENEX Services Inc., where she was recruited to build and operate the company's Social Security representation division. GENEX is the largest Managed Care case management organization in the U.S.  Prior to GENEX, Melissa had almost twenty years of diversified experience in the field of disability. She held senior leadership and management positions throughout her career. Melissa's second act is fueled by a lifelong passion for film and story-telling.

Listen to Melissa tell her empowering story and her journey to create Beyond Sixty!