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The Beyond Sixty Project, a documentary feature film about women over the age of 60, won two awards: Audience Favorite for Best Documentary and the Female Eye Filmmaking Award for Melissa Davey, a wife, mother, grandmother, and world traveler who lives in Valley Forge, PA. Her film proclaims, “A woman’s age is not her story.” Davey feels that “from a very early age, women are made to believe that our relevance has an expiration date. Showing us the power of resilience, defiance, and the wisdom of experience, The Beyond Sixty Project will challenge the way we think about aging and the value of our own stories.” Davey’s message when she accepted her awards was, “Never assume you are too old to do anything.”

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We’re incredibly proud to announce the Beyond Sixty Project has been accepted to the 2019 Catalina Film Festival!

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“Melissa Davey used the "F" word Friday to describe herself — as in filmmaker. After years of dreaming about being one, and after a drive in Chester County a few years ago led her to spend an inspiring day on a movie set with M. Night Shyamalan, the former insurance executive from Valley Forge has made a film.”

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