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The Sun City Poms was formed in 1979 as the cheerleading group for the local women’s softball team, the Sun City Saints.  Almost forty years later the dynamic cheerleaders, all between the ages of 55 and 85 plus, are still going strong and entertaining crowds at more than 50 shows and parades each year.  These local celebrities have gained international attention with visits and interviews by the BBC and Australian news outlets.  Representing aging and retirement in a very unique way, these women embody resilience and determination.  Many of the women had no prior dance or marching experience before joining the Poms and a few suffer from severe and chronic medical conditions.  Their rigorous schedule of practice and performances is impressive, proving that mind over matter is very real.


A former Electrical Engineer from North Dakota, Greta moved to Sun City about four years ago and joined the Poms not long after her arrival.  With no previous dance experience Greta quickly became hooked on the Poms energetic pace and enjoys the challenging routines at all shows and parades.  In addition to performing, Greta is the Director and Secretary of the group and runs it like a well-oiled machine.  Practicing two or more times a week and scheduling performance details keeps Greta on her toes.   In her spare time you may find Greta on stage with one of the local theatre groups.  Her stamina is that of a much younger person.


Pat has been a Pom since 2003.  Her many years of teaching baton twirling and marching in South Milwaukee, WI was a perfect match for the Poms. Pat has played almost every role within the Poms, with her current responsibilities as the Choreographer and Marching Director.  Despite past surgeries and a current diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer, Pat continues to split her time between the Poms busy schedule and dancing to live music every week. Pat has remarked that she is just too busy to be sick.  Pat lives each day to the fullest and her continuing resilience, despite great obstacles, is admired by everyone.


Gloria was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis at age 26.  Her doctor told her she would likely be in a wheelchair by age 40.  After several surgeries, addiction to pain medications and bouts of severe depression Gloria moved to Sun City from Utah two years ago, hoping the warmer weather would help her pain. She was introduced to the Poms and was so intrigued that she joined, hoping she could find the stamina to perform.  This life changing event led Gloria to wean herself off all pain medications and begin to improve her total health.  Her determination and spirit is amazing.